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Winter Sermon Series…

The Most Important Place on Earth

What Makes Christian Homes Strong?


Are you ready to make a difference for generations to come?

Thank you for joining us as we explore the unique power of the Christian home.   Just as leaven was passed on to a young Jewish bride so that she could bless her family with an abundance of bread, Christian parents, grandparents, mentors and friends have a priceless heritage of faith that can be modeled in the home and passed onto our children.  If you are hungry for timeless and practical tips from God’s Word that will help the children around you grow into faithful disciples, devoted husbands and wives and productive citizens—then this sermon series is for you. 

In this third message from Pastor Jeff, we will explore the greatest obstacle to happiness in the home.   Are there some new ways that you can help the children around you to become aware of their sin nature, to know what to do when they sin, and to shift their focus from pleasing self to pleasing God?


February 19, 2017: Obstacle to Happiness

“Are there some new ways that my home can become a training ground teaching God’s path to forgiveness and restoration?”

Consider the ideas below and put a check mark by one or more of the places where you can grow.   


             How can I help children to overcome their sin nature?

1.  I don’t want to damage my child’s self-esteem; I think talking about sin is too negative and not appropriate.

2.  Sometimes my home doesn’t seem like it’s a very happy place but I am not sure why.

3.  I want more happiness in my home and I am ready to begin looking in the Bible for positive answers that will make a difference.

4.  I find it difficult to teach my children about sin because I realize how imperfect I am.  Yet, I am ready to introduce the biblical process of confession, repentance, and forgiveness into my home so that all of us can claim victory over our sin natures. 

5.  Mine is a Christian home but sadly many days are far from happy.  With God’s help I will more patiently train the children around me to regularly practice genuine acts of confession and repentance.   

Dear Jesus, I know that the children under my care need me to be firm and loving as I show them how to gain victory over their sin nature.  As I train them in Your process for confession and forgiveness, help me to model these important spiritual practices in my own life.  

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when hi is old he will not turn from it.”

(Proverbs 22:6)

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