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Youth Group News

April 2017

The Youth Group is on a roll and the month of March was filled with action and excitement.  The youth played a big part in our Ash Wednesday service, and helped us to better understand the meaning behind the symbols of Lent.  Several of our youth members also rolled up their sleeves and helped to serve friends and neighbors in need at our Hope Mobile Food Bank. During March, the youth studied the parables of Jesus and on Movie night they watched a modern day parable acted out in the film, Godspell.  A movie wouldn’t be the same without making ice cream sundaes—you’ll have to ask around to find out who made the grossest one!  It is so much fun watching our youth grow and get more involved in ministry and service to others in the name of Jesus.  Part of the fun is seeing our young people getting so excited about youth group that they are inviting friends to join them!  During April, the youth will help out at the Variety Breakfast, the Annual Easter Egg Hunt and the Hope Mobile Food Bank.  Their next fundraiser will be the Mother’s Day Flower Sale.  As always, thank you for your continued prayers and support of the youth here at Cross Keys.  Pastor Jaime Frazier

March 2017

The Youth Group had an exciting month in February.  Almost 30 Youth poured out to our first meeting.  Six new members joined us and we devoured 10 pizzas and raised the roof with some fun games!  Six new members joined us!  We also sold 226 hoagies for Super Bowl Sunday!  Thanks to Rastelli’s Italian Market in Voorhees, who donated an additional 16 subs at no cost to help support our youth.  With your help, $400 was raised to help fund our youth projects, events, and retreats. 

We will meet at the church and participate in an interactive Ash Wednesday service on March 1st.  Our own movie night is also tentatively scheduled for Friday, March 24th at 7:00p.  Ice cream will be served!


Just in case you haven’t heard, we are growing!  If you are in grades 5-12 and haven't come out to Youth Group, why not?   We would love to have you join in the fun!  We meet Wednesday's from 7:00p-8:30p. Contact me at pastorjaime@crosskeyschurch.org if you have questions.  Blessings, Pastor Jaime Frazier 


February 2017

On February 1st, at our weekly Youth Group meeting, we will have pizza and game night!  If you have not been to a youth group meeting, and you are in 5th grade to 12th grade, come out and have a fun night with us!

I am still looking for a few more families to help me out with my Senior Project.  If you are interested or have any questions, please ask me!  My project will start February 12th, so please let me know if you are interested by then.

Thank you everyone who bought hoagies and supported the Youth Group!  Don't forget to pick up your hoagies on February 5th, either at 10:00a or 12:30p.


January 2017

My first month at Cross Keys has been nothing short of amazing!  I am so honored to be called to serve as your first Youth Pastor.  I want to thank everyone for being so welcoming and gracious to me.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me here, at Cross Keys.  In the New Year, I will be looking for families to volunteer to help me complete my Senior Project for graduation from seminary in May.  My Senior Project is called “Bible 2 Go”.  it is an app that will allow a family to have Biblical conversation at home.  It is a 10-week commitment - you do not need to have a smart phone to volunteer to help test run this program.  The program will start January 22nd and run until March 26th.  If you are interested in learning more about my project, you can e-mail me at pastorjaime@crosskeyschurch.org.  Also in the New Year, keep an eye out for information regarding Youth Group’s Super Bowl Hoagie Sale.  The Youth will have order forms in the beginning of the month.  Thank you again for your encouragement and for your continued support of the youth here at Cross Keys U.M.C.

New Year’s Blessings!

Pastor Jaime

December 2016

This is the time of year for giving.  The Youth wish to extend an invitation to join them, while they carol at Juniper Village, on December 7th from 6:30-7:30p.  On December 21st, they will take their caroling out into the community.  (Youth should be at the church at 6:15p, drivers at 6:45p)  We hope everyone who likes to sing and share the Christmas joy will join them... the more the merrier!!  You are never too young, or too old, to sing Christmas Carols. 

On December 14th, the youth will fellowship together at their Christmas Party.  Don't forget your wrapped white elephant gift! 

"Sing out sweet Christmas angels. From in the Heavens high,

Proclaim to us God's glory where Baby Jesus lies."

November 2016

On October 8th, we had Community Clean-Up!  We were blessed to have 38 volunteers; 15 were youth, 2 were under the age of 2, and the rest were adults helping making God's world beautiful one road at a time.

When God commanded Adam and Eve to “rule” over his creation (Genesis 1:28) he meant that we should exercise responsible care over the environment so that it would be productive, useful, and enjoyed by all.  We want to thank everyone who came out to help restore the beauty of God’s creation to a small piece of our community.  


We would also like to thank the youth for helping the Word of God to come alive for us in their skit, “Wake Up the Harvest is Ready,” presented as an act of praise on Harvest Sunday.  Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  We thank the youth for challenging us to be that change—to be the “few” who are ready to answer God’s call to holiness and to do good deeds in the name of Jesus.


October 2016

Youth Pitching In

The Youth Group is spearheading a community clean up on Saturday, October 8.  Our target—Janvier Road!  Extra volunteers are needed to pitch in with the youth—we need at least 30 to get the job done!  What a great way to get some exercise and to encourage our youth!  Rain date: October 15th.  Please see Sharon, Tina or Deedee.

Don’t forget, Youth Group is every Wednesday, 7:00-8:30 pm. (ages 5th-12th grade).  Attendance has been great this year, new friends are joining us each week, and we’d love to have you too!  See you then!


September 2016

Youth Group begins on September 14th.  All youth in grades 5 to 12 are invited!  We meet every Wednesday night from 7:00p-8:30p.  If you are looking for a place to come Love, Grow andServe God, there is no better place than with Cross Keys Youth Group!  We are looking forwardto a year where we Love one another as God loves us, we Grow in our faith lives and we Serve God.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone on September 14th!  Put on your thinking caps and think of some community service projects that we can do as a youth group to serve. Can't wait to hear your ideas!

God Bless!


June 2016

The youth leaders want to take this time to say, that over the last 12-13 years it has been a pleasure being with our youth every Wednesday night… countless lock-ins, retreats, fundraisers, as well as Community Services.  We have laughed with these wonderful young men and women.  We have had silly discussions and many very serious ones.  We have seen them come in as young children, finding their way in their faith lives.  We have watched many of them graduate and move on to a new journey in their lives, taking a piece of our hearts with them. 

We couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of them.  We know their journeys will be a blessing to all they come in contact with.  We want to let all of our youth know that we will always be there to cheer them on, and we want to thank everyone who supported them (and us!) during our many activities.

Finally, we want to let the youth know that we will always be with them and know that we will always be watching!!  We love you all!  God Bless - Deedee, Sharon & Tina.  


January 2016 ~ Youth Encouraging Youth

I can't believe how fast this year has flown.  It seems like yesterday we started youth group after a summer break.  I have seen amazing growth this year.  I have witnessed these wonderful youth encourage each other, hold each other accountable if they did something wrong, laugh with each other and yes feel each other's pain if they are hurting.  Everyone in the youth family has grown closer.  Whether through games or discussions, they have become a united group.  We, the youth leaders, have noticed how they carry the true meaning of being a Christian with them through their daily lives.  Throughout the coming year, we hope that anyone in grades 5-12 feels free to join us on Wednesday nights.  There is no youth group on 30th.  We will come back together on January 6th


The United Methodist Youth Fellowship (U.M.Y.F.) meets to explore the concerns of youth through the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is a faith based service/social organization open to all youth in grades 5-12. The youth help plan their own agenda and service projects. Activities include: faith based discussions on current topics, bowling, swimming, parties, and retreats.

The Youth Group (grades 5-12) meets every Wednesday evening from 7:00 P.M. to 8:30 pm September thru May. The group has a lot of fun events planned for the year and encourages all to come out and join the excitement! Come on out and have lots of fun and good fellowship! Bring you friends too! Hope to see all there! God Bless!

For more information about our Youth Group, please contact Pastor Jeff or Tina Hegeman.

The Handi-Dandy Youth Group – Still Looking for Things to Do!!!

Do you need help around your house…repairs or clean ups?? The youth group is looking for service projects this year... if you could use this type of help around your house or yard, please see one of the youth leaders (DeeDee cell (856) 924-4580; Sharon cell (609) 417-9581; Tina cell (609) 381-3611. They will take all the information and help as many people as possible. No job is too big or too small for our youth. Soon, you will hear of a fundraiser, and the proceeds will go to our service projects.

As a reminder, our doors are always open if you have a problem, or need to talk about anything. Have a Blessed Day!

Youth Leaders

Coordinator - Pastor Jaime Frazier

Volunteer Leaders - Deedee Huffman: (h)856-740-0635 (c) 856-924-4580

Sharon Branco: (h)856-728-2828 (c) 609-417-9581

Tina Hegeman: (h)856-728-8661 (c) 609-381-3611

Pastor Jeff Tilden: (office)856-728-3342

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