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Our Goals for 2016

During 2016, the four key goals below will drive our mission to help us reach more children and adults with the truth and grace of Jesus Christ.  Please support our efforts to “make disciples of all nations” with your prayers, with your financial gifts and service, and with your daily witness for the Lord.

Our First Goal:  To involve six new junior and senior high youth in at least one mission project during 2016 by intentionally building relationships with the youth of our church in order to nurture a heart for missions within them.

Our Second Goal:  To have a total of 18 new individuals or families attend the Harvest Fest, the Advent Dinner, and the Living Last Supper during the 2015 – 2016 ministry season by transforming each worship experiences into a community event and by exploiting media capabilities such as press releases, direct mailings to targeted areas, signage, and currently existing mailing lists.

Our Third Goal:  To make a personal contact with every new person who attends the Living Last Supper, Baptisms, Easter Sunday, Youth Sunday, the Chicken and Corn Cookout, Rally Day, Harvest Fest, the Advent Dinner, and Christmas Eve Services during 2016 by deploying a nurture team to serve as greeters, to mingle with visitors, to distribute appropriate bridge-building literature, and to supply and operate prayer and information stations when appropriate.

Our Fourth Goal:  To increase the average attendance in each Sunday School class or study by two individuals between September 13, 2015 and May 22, 2016 by challenging every adult and child to make a prayer list of friends who do not attend Sunday School and to invite at least one friend on that list to attend Sunday School with them at least one time during the Sunday School year, and by conducting a welcome visit to the home of each family who visits our Sunday School.   


“To each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it…

to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” 

(Ephesians 4:7, 12)

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