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Members and Friends: God has blessed us with a very generous anonymous gift that will fund the salary of a part-time youth pastor for one year and help to bring our efforts to reach more children and youth for Jesus to the next level. 

On Wednesday, May 4th, the Administrative Council approved the hiring of a part-time youth pastor.  Our current youth advisors assisted with the drafting of the part-time pastor ministry description that focuses on discipling our junior and senior high youth and their families and equipping adults to share in youth ministry.  Our mission is to provide a Christ-centered biblically-based context for authentic Christian ministry.  Our vision is to invite the youth to accept Jesus as their savior, to grow in God’s Word, and to serve under the Lordship of Jesus Christ as His witness in the world.

A brief overview and a financial summary of the proposed ministry is provided below.  Please pray that God will send us exactly the right person He has chosen for our youth ministry.  Let’s also pray that we, as a congregation, will be able to meet the challenge to fully self-fund the youth ministry through our regular tithes and offerings in 2018.   

Question and Answer Time

A question and answer time will be held immediately following the early and late worship services on Sunday, June 26th.  The meetings will be held in the sanctuary and everyone is invited to attend.


Basic responsibilities will include a primary focus on establishing a relational ministry with junior and senior high youth and equipping them to be witnesses for Christ in the world.  The Youth Pastor will shepherd the junior and senior high youth and their families.  This ministry will include, conducting weekly youth group meetings, attending the early service and doing kid’s time (the object lesson), shared teaching in the junior and senior high Sunday school classes, conducting monthly activities for fun or outreach, involvement in mission projects, and leading an annual spiritual retreat.  The Youth Pastor will also work cooperatively with adult and youth volunteers, enabling them to assume positions of leadership and responsibility and to engage in ministry.

Financial Considerations

An anonymous donation has been offered to cover the cost of the first year of youth ministry. The estimate total annual cost is around $17,000.


          14,000.00     Salary

            1,000.00     Travel

              868.00     FICA

              203.00     Medicare

            1,000.00     Curriculum and Supplies


If you know of someone who has the gifts, graces, and experience in youth ministry, please encourage them to send their resume to Rev. Dr. Jeffrey W. Tilden at pastorjeff@crosskeyschurch.org.  

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