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From the Pastor

In today's world of smart phones, tablets and instant internet access, there are many things that we can "know."  For example, if someone wants to know how long is the Ben Franklin Bridge," a nimble person with a 4G connection and an iPhone can ask Siri, "How long is the Ben Franklin Bridge," and they will get an almost instantaneous response.

But if we were sitting next to one of the surviving 1300 construction workers who spent four and one half years of his life building the Ben Franklin bridge, we would not only get the right information, we would get it with great passion.

What would Siri say if we asked about the latest improvement project here at Cross Keys?  Siri would say a new roof was installed on the education building and the lower roofs of Faith Hall in 16 work hours at a cost of $30,000.  What Siri cannot tell us is about the faith, dedication, and sacrifice that made it possible to improve our property.  Siri can’t tell us the countless hours that the trustees spent accessing the condition of our roofs, entertaining bids, working with our council and supervising the job.  Siri can’t tell us about the thousands of hours of ministry that will take place under those roofs or about the lives that will be changed with the gospel message.

More improvement projects are still on the docket.  The long awaited solar panel project was recently bid out to another vendor.  If the bank approves the financial plan of the contractor, the trustees hope the system will be operating by summer.  Another bid has been accepted to replace the deteriorating asphalt behind and on the east side of the educational building.  That work will take place after the Children’s Garden closes for the summer. 

Once again, I want to thank each of you, our members and friends, for your faithful contributions to the Building and Improvement Fund.  These projects would not be possible without your dedication and support.  Please pray for continued wisdom and guidance for our trustees as they work to make our campus a clean, safe, and attractive place that honors God and sends a bright light of hope into our surrounding communities. Siri will never know about the faith that drives us here at Cross Keys or about our passion to reach more children, youth and adults for Christ.  Yet, all the evidence that we need is found in the hearts that are changed and the lives that are transformed in the name of Jesus.


“Whateveryou do, do it all for the glory of God.”

(I Corinthians 10:31)


Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff

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