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From the Pastor

Recently a major manufacturer came up with an idea for a new type of tire.  The new technology gives you an extra 50 miles before it goes flat.  Publicity claims that the new tires are specially engineered to take a puncture and to keep you moving.  Something about the strong reinforced sidewalls is purported to ensure your continued mobility for up to 50 miles even at 50 mph.    

As I thought about the new technology, I realized that you might be driving down the road and not even know that you have a flat!  Maybe what we have here is a dose of false assurance that will only serve to delay the inevitable?  After all, what help is it when you have a flat and don’t know it?     Some of our religious practices can do the same thing.  Attending church is a good thing.  Yet, when the fellowship becomes a social gathering or a habit without an earnest thirst for God, our worship can give us a false sense of assurance that everything is just fine.  We may not notice a spiritual puncture and think that we are just cruising along to our final destination.   And when that still small voice whispers a warning about some trouble, we may just ignore the low pressure light and keep on going. 

 It is so easy to become spiritually complacent and to ignore important warning signs.  With all the blessings and comforts of being part of a church family, we can easily fall into the trap of thinking that our journey is going along fine.  Yet, what if we attend church, bring our offerings and even get involved in a few ministries and then arrive before God—only to find out that we have been relying on a false sense of well-being and that we missed the warning signs. 

As we begin a new season of ministry in the fall of 2017 ask yourself, am I growing spiritually?  Another way to put that is, what is my next step?  Have I been riding a spiritual tire that has been losing air lately and, if so, how can I fix it?     God is on the move here at Cross Keys and we are pleased that, in tandem with our existing ministries, God is opening the door to several new opportunities for spiritual growth.  Doris Caola will begin a new women’s adult Sunday School class, I will be offering the new Bible study – Discover Joy , for the first time ever—even our youth group will attend the IGNITE youth rally and the Cooper Small group will begin a new series on spiritual growth through a simple call back to the basics.  Jesus said, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty” (John 6:35).  Exciting opportunities for spiritual growth are just around the corner!  Let’s heed those warning signs so that spiritual complacency will not stop or slow our journey.  What is your next step?  Whether you join a Bible study for the first time or try something new like serving funnel cakes at our Harvest Fest, gleaning potatoes, or something as simple as taking notes during church… there really is no magic tire… let’s heed the warning signals and make sure that we are cruising forward on the journey of spiritual growth.     

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff

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