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The Mission Committee is trying a new way to raise funds for our mission outreach. We will be sponsoring a clothing drive through Fashion Republic. You can visit their website at http://fashionrepublicinc.com. Below is a list of the items they will accept. They will pay us per pound for all usable items collected. Shoes pay at a higher rate than everything else so if you have shoes to donate….please bag them separately and mark them.

All donations can be dropped off at Faith Hall and piled in the great room starting August 5th. The pick- up date will be announced after the Admin Council meeting, probably mid August. Call the office at 728-3342 to see when someone will be there to open the building. Any questions? Call Karen @ 856-629-8641 and I will try to get an answer. The donations are gone through before they send our check so please….only usable items. Note the size box the inside toys need to fit in. They do not accept large outside toys, baby strollers, chairs or car seats….they will not fit in the size box specified. The one oversize item they will accept is bicycles.
List of Articles for Collection

Thanks for your support!

Cross Keys United Methodist Church has many fundraisers throughout the year. Many are sponsored for our new facility. Some are sponsored by the Youth Group, to help them raise money for Christian trips and endeavors.

Some of our fundraisers are yard sales, spaghetti dinners, silent auctions, and golf tournaments. These events are held throughout the year and will be posted on this page as information becomes available.

There is always someone who has a use for the things that normally get thrown out with the trash. Our Missions program has a place for the following, if you care to contribute...bring to Church at any time and mark it for Marguerite. Some of the rewards for these collections are for vehicles and athletic equipment for Red Bird Mission in Southern Kentucky, some are for the training of seeing eye dogs, others for kidney dialysis patients. Clean out that cluttered drawer.

  • General Mills "BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION"
  • CAMPBELL SOUP LABELS, front panel only, trimmed on either side of the logo
  • CANCELED POSTAGE STAMPS, leave ¼ " around stamp
  • FALSE TEETH, (can you believe it?)

We also are collecting used ink and laser print cartridges, as well as out-of-service cell phones. We send these to a facility which recycles them, giving us a check in return for each cartridge and cell phone. There is a collection box for these items to the left of entering the front doors of the Church. You may place your used cartridges and discarded cell phones there. For more information, please contact the Youth Group.

Our Youth Group fundraisers include hoagie sales, car washes, and several other endeavors. Please check this page often and our calendar for upcoming fundraising events.

Please join us in each of these events. We thank you for your continued support!

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