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Our Vision and Our Prayer

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  This year our leaders have worked hard to prayerfully discern God’s vision for us here at Cross Keys.  Your prayers are the vital link in helping us to press on with the goal that has been marked out for us.  During 2016 we believe that God want us to:

·   To ignite life-changing worship experiences

·   To nurture disciples in their faith journey

·   To bring new friends to Jesus through missions and outreach


With these objectives in mind, the Administrative Council has set five very specific goals.

1.  Worship: To reach 18 new individuals or families through the Harvest Fest, the Advent Dinner, the Living Last Supper, the Chicken-Corn Cookout, Harvest Fest and Christmas Eve services 2016.

2.  Education: To reach two more children and youth for Christ in each class as measured by their regular attendance. 

3.  Nurture: to reach out and make personal contact with every new person who attends our special services and to set up prayer and information stations at key events.

4.  Youth: To mentor and train new leaders to assist with the growing needs of our youth group.

5.  Missions: To invite six new junior and senior high youth to participate in at least one mission project during 2016 in order to nurture a heart for missions within them. 

Please pray for God’s guidance as we work to strengthen the effectiveness of our outreach and ministry during 2016.

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