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The Children's Garden website is live on the web.  Please visit us at http://www.childrensgardencs.org.  Also, we are requesting "testimonials" to post on the website promoting the Children's Garden Christian Pre-School.  If your child has attended the Children's Garden (past or present), please send a "testimonial" promoting our school to be posted on the website.  Only parent's first name and last initial will be used unless you give your permission to use your full name.  We thank you in advance for standing strong in our Lord for our children.  Please send your testimonials to: webmaster@crosskeyschurch.org.

Our Philosophy

Welcome to the Children’s Garden Christian School.  We are a Christian preschool located at 1636 North Main Street in Williamstown, NJ and licensed by the State of New Jersey. Our sponsors are the Cross Keys United Methodist Church.  We are governed by their Board of Trustees.

The director and teachers on our staff are qualified to teach an Early Childhood Program, as directed by the State of New Jersey.  All our staff members are keenly interested in the development of young children.  Throughout the year, they remain alert to the ever- changing needs of today’s families and to the current research and development in early childhood education.

All of our staff members are Christians and, as such, depend greatly upon God’s guidance in their lives, both personally and professionally.  Our philosophy is that young children are naturally curious and anxious to learn.  They want to taste, touch, smell, see, and hear the world around them.  There is also a great need for them to interact socially with other children.

Our mission at the Children’s Garden is to introduce children to God’s love through His word, thereby providing the spiritual tools necessary to do God’s will. In this Christian atmosphere, our goal is to develop the child’s individual self-image, prepare him/her for their school years, and encourage the children to build healthy relationships with their peers.  We offer a full curriculum that is flexible, multi-sensory and specific to our age groupings.

The discoveries and experiences of the pre-school age child will lay the foundation for his/her childhood and adult years.  Attitudes are being developed, patterns are being formed, and basic feelings about themselves, other people, and life in general is established at this most critical time.  Through our program, we can provide the kind of positive experiences, atmosphere and support that a young child’s needs. We’re learning to be bucket-fillers!

We accommodate children between 3 and 5 years of age.  Age groupings are based on the child’s age as of October 1st of each year.  Should you reside in another school district, we will honor your district’s start date if different than Monroe Township. Children must be toilet trained and able to take care of their own personal toilet needs. 

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