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You Make A Difference! 

Only a few weeks ago one of our children ran up to Pastor Jeff in Sunday School, face all aglow, eager to introduce her new friend that she brought for the first time!  When Sunday School is so much fun that children want to invite their friends—you know that your gifts are making a difference!   

Your faith, service, and sacrificial financial gifts and are what make Cross Keys the church that God wants us to be!  During November members and friends got behind our vision for 2016 in a big way and pledged the highest dollar amount in our recent history.  Praise God that almost $129,000 has already been pledged to help us reach more children, youth, and adults for Christ during 2016.

Financial support is one of the ways we show our gratitude to God and it is the chief means by which we open up new doors to reach new friends and neighbors for Christ.  Through our faithful and regular financial support we honor God, strengthen the ministries of the church, and expand our outreach to the lost. 

As we step into the new year, if you have not already made a financial commitment, I would like to ask you to consider giving a weekly or monthly pledge to help us expand our ministry to children, youth, and adults.  For just the price of an average fast food meal (about $10 a week) you can significantly strengthen our ability to finance new and creative ways to reach more children and youth.  If just ten additional families made the same pledge we will strengthen our financial base by over $5,000!  Every gift counts!  Whether its $20,  $5 per week, or a one-time gift—your gift will make a difference.  If you are ready to financially support our ministries here at Cross Keys, just drop a note in the offering plate to indicate your intent.  As the Apostle Paul said, thank you for your partnership in the gospel! 

Richard Fowler, Finance Chairperson

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