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January 2016 ~ Spring Outreach Opportunity

We’re thinking about Lent and Easter!  Yes, you read that right!!  We are preparing for "The Living Last Supper" for March 24th at 7:00 pm (Maundy Thursday).  Many who saw our last production requested it.  Many have recounted stories with us about how, as you listened to the thoughts of the disciples, you cried with a new understanding of how God sacrificed his Son to save you.

This year we believe that God wants us to share this powerful message of God’s love with children, youth, and adults in our neighborhoods who are not currently attending a church.  In addition to reaching out to our friends who are spiritually seeking, we will target specific neighborhoods with special invitations.

What can you do now?  Friends who are searching for hope are all around us—at work, at school, in the stores where we shop, and at the meetings, events, or clubs that we attend.  Prayer is the key to discovering which friends from our natural circle of relationships that God wants us to invite to The Living Last Supper.  When we thank God in prayer for our spiritual blessings, the memory of how we came to faith and why we enjoy our church is refreshed.  This makes it easier to share when others ask us about our hope in Christ.  It also helps us to become more sensitive to others who lack hope and helps to begin praying about potential friends who need the Lord and who may benefit by an invitation to church.  

Why not make a commitment to pray for friends who don’t know the Lord as one of your new year’s resolutions.  When you finish reading this article, take a minute to answer these questions:

  1. What are three reasons why you love God?
  2. What three things do you like about Cross Keys Church?
  3. Name five people you know who are not attending a church

Be a great friend by praying for them each day.  Pray that God will help you to genuinely care for your friend.  Pray that God will use your common interests to open a natural path for talking about spiritual matters and your excitement about the Cross Keys Church.   Pray for the day when your friend will be walking with Jesus and filled with His hope.   Pray that God will show you who He wants you to invite to The Living Last Supper.   Thanks for helping us reach more children, youth, and adults with the hope of Christ! 

The Worship Committee


Greeters are Needed!!

If anyone is interested in being a “greeter”, please see Sandy Reidy or Pastor Jeff. It is an easy way to serve God and help the Church, when your time is limited, and a great way to get to know everyone!!
Study, Pray, Interact, Rally, Inspire, Trust (S.P.I.R.I.T.)

The most important thing we can do for each other, our church and the world, is to lift it all to God in prayer. As someone who lacks the discipline to spend uninterrupted time in prayer, I had to find a way to be faithful in my prayer life. I found the answer in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. “Pray without ceasing.” For me, this means lifting up whatever God has put on my heart. If a person or situation pops into my head, I take the time, then and there, to take it to our Father. Who knows…that may be the very moment prayer is most needed. I can think of no other way to bless each other more than through ceaseless prayer. Our church will continue to grow and meet the needs of the members and friends when we take the time to bring it to the altar. It doesn’t matter what service you attend, pray for understanding, guidance and peace for those in the other service. If God brings someone to mind, carry them into His presence. If you can't get a situation off your mind, bow your head and wait for God's answer. When you are reminded of God's grace, lift your hands and praise Him. I am still working on prayer discipline, but for me, praying without ceasing keeps me in the presence of God.
Your Sister in Christ, Karen Johnson

The Worship Committee is made up of 11 adult members. We are responsible for many things in the church. It is the responsibility of the Worship Committee to open and close the church for Sunday Services. We prepare the sanctuary for worship, turning on all the lights, changing the paraments when needed, placing the attendance books in the pews, prepare communion when needed, fold, stuff and hand out the bulletins as we greet those attending worship service. During the service we are responsible for making sure the altar candles are lit by either an acolyte or the greeter. We also help by collecting the offering and assisting the Pastor with communion service and baptisms.

Our meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 6:45 P.M. in the library of Faith Hall. Our chairperson is Sandy Reidy. If you would like to learn more, ask a question or even if you have a complaint, you can contact the Worship Committee at worship@crosskeyschurch.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We offer a CD ministry for our shut-ins and those unable to attend worship on a given Sunday. Please help by giving names to those who might be interested in hearing Pastor Jeff's sermons to Pastor Jeff. You may also send any responses to the webmaster@crosskeyschurch.org

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