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General or Ordinary Time

After 11 years of being away the Apostle Paul returned to Jerusalem. Many of the Christians in Judea were shunned by community leaders, some had trouble finding employment because their faith was contrary to the establishment views, and a great famine relegated many of the faithful to be the poorest of the poor. Asia and Greece on the other hand thrived under Roman rule with growing populations and prosperous cities. Upon returning to Jerusalem Paul and his companions brought much needed financial relief from offerings they received during Paul’s third missionary journey. Yet something amazing happened when Paul met with James, the elders of the church and other brothers and sisters in Christ. Amazingly, Paul never mentioned the offering, although we know from later in the book of Acts that the offering was brought to Jerusalem. Instead Paul recounted the amazing things that God had done among the people of Greece and Asia. Looking back on Vacation Bible School, the Red Bird mission trip, the Chicken and Corn Cookout and other ministries we give thanks for the funds we were able to raise, homes we were able to repair and the fun times that we enabled for the kids. Yet, what encourages us most, are the stories of the great things God is doing through our faith and obedience.
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