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After Pentecost Services

Sunday Services held after Pentecost.

Sermons in this series

After Pentecost Services
We celebrate with our youth as graduations bring the closing of some and the opening of new chapters in their lives. The writer of the book of Hebrews points to the faith of Moses, reminding us that his great deeds were possible because he first saw the “invisible” God. Picking off this thought I will argue that Moses not only saw God in the burning bush but also in the faith of his mother and in the faith of his people who persevered despite their bondage. We celebrate the faith that our graduates have found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and through the faith of the adults, teachers, and mentors that they have seen here at Cross Keys. We pray that God will use their faith God to bless others as they carry the hope of Jesus into the new chapters that await them.
After Pentecost Services
In this message I will address relational concerns to husbands that will also apply to fathers, mothers, grandparents, singles, and those contemplating marriage. When God looks at us through Jesus Christ, God sees us a righteous, holy and beautiful. The world is all about telling us about our faults but God’s love covered our sins on the cross and he continues to love us and to pull us forward despite our sins. One of the greatest gifts a husband can give to his wife is to use the power of love to affirm her and to bring healing to her deepest wounds and hurts. Jesus’ model of love is very different from the criticism, avoidance, put downs and unhealthy completion that we see in unhealthy and worldly marriages. This message will be a call not only for husbands to view their wives as Jesus does, but also a call for the entire body of Christ to see and to treat those who are around us with the perspective of Jesus looking down from the cross.
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