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After Easter Services

Sunday Services after Easter.

Sermons in this series

After Easter Services
In our human pride, it can be difficult to admit to ourselves and to apologize to someone when we have wronged that person. Yet, spiritual growth involves the difficult work of recognizing when we have fallen short, admitting the same before God, and then genuinely apologizing. In this message I will use the church’s apology to Galileo, albeit 350 years late, as a humorous way to look at our own reluctance to confess in light of God’s call to humble ourselves.
After Easter Services
The tragic bombing of two Christian churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday is a powerful reminder of our own vulnerability in the face of evil. In just a twinkling of an eye our sense of wellbeing can turn into fear and uncertainty by events beyond our control. In this message I will point out that, there are times in life when we will not be safe. In such times we will find strength knowing that Christ has already defeated sin and death. In the midst of our most difficult times our greatest challenge and our most profound witness will be to show the love of Christ and to give praise to God.
After Easter Services
Job interviews can be intimidating. One of the most feared questions is, what is your greatest weakness? We dread this question because an honest answer is likely to torpedo any hopes of getting the job. Weaknesses don't play well in our world. To succeed, it's important to appear strong, capable and in control. While we might impress the world with a clever answer that serve to hide our weaknesses, God isn't so easily fooled. The good news is that God has already provided the remedy to our biggest weakness when Jesus went to the cross to pay the price for our sin. When we draw our last breath and go to our final interview, God won’t be impressed with clever answers. Whether or not we get the “job” will instead depend on whether we humbled ourselves and accepted the gift of salvation and lived it out in faith and obedience.
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