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The Top Ten Reasons why it's great to be a Methodist
(Courtesy of Rev. Dr. James W. Moore)

Number 10:
We are a church that encourages a strong pulpit.
The people come expecting to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed powerfully.

Number 9:
We are a church that encourages a strong warmhearted personal relationship
with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
Jesus Christ is the heart of everything we do.

Number 8:

We are a world-wide church.

You can find a United Methodist church, mission, school or hospital in many
villages, towns, or cities around the world.

Number 7:
We are an open, inclusive church. Our members come from every culture
and socio-economic group. We have more Asian-American and Native-American members
than any other denomination. We are second in number of Hispanic-American members. We
have been encouraging women to give strong leadership in the church and therefore
we have more women clergy than any other denomination.

Number 6:
We are a giving church. Every person who joins the UMC promises
to serve God and support the church with our prayers,
presence, gifts, and service, and that pledge of loyalty enables us
to give seriously to benevolences and mission efforts.

Number 5:
We are a church with a family spirit. That family enables us to be there
for each other in our joys and sorrows from the cradle to the grave.

Number 4:
We are a church that owns and operates many colleges, hospitals,
children's home and homes for the elderly; plus we operate
the oldest church-owned publishing house in the world.

Number 3:
We are a church that reaches out with deep compassion to help hurting
people. Our UM Committee on Relief is quickly on the scene all
over the world wherever there is a natural disaster or any kind of pain
or heartache to provide aid and love and care. We feed more
than a million children every day.

Number 2:
We are a church with a great social creed that has been
an inspiration to all in Christendom.

Number 1:
We continue Christ's ministry of preaching,
teaching, healing and caring.

What's so great about being a United Methodist? Simply this:

  • It's a church that touches our hearts
    and stretches our minds.
  • It's a church that accepts us as we are
    and yet challenges us to be better.
  • And it's a church that gathers us to worship
    and then sends us out to serve
    in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ.

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